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Meet the members of the Laurens County Schools Technology Team

The Laurens County Schools Technology Team consists of members with a wide variety of skills and knowledge. 

The responsibilities of the members of the technology team in Laurens County are many and varied. Whether managing a network, assisting teachers in the use of instructional technology, repairing computers, managing student information, conducting online assessments, maintaining phone systems, or any of the other many daily responsibilities, there are members of the team with the skills and knowledge to get the job done. We are blessed to have a group of individuals who have the experience and expertise to provide Laurens County Schools' staff and students with the technology required to teach and learn.


Meet the Team

Lance Smith - Technology Director

Lance Smith is the Technology Director for Laurens County Schools. He is responsible for the technology department's plans, budgets, grants, personnel, etc. Lance also provides technical support for Southwest Laurens Elementary School and Diamond Academy. In addition to his experience in technology, Lance has been a teacher and school administrator.


Dennis Howell - Network Specialist
Dennis Howell is our Network Specialist. He is responsible for supporting and maintaining the Laurens County School System's local area network. Dennis handles Internet filtering and mobile device management. He is also responsible for technical support at Northwest Laurens Elementary School and West Laurens High School. Dennis is a former teacher and school administrator.

Michelle Wynn - Instructional Technology Specialist

Michelle Wynn is the Instructional Technology Specialist for Laurens County Schools. She is responsible for staff training, instructional technology, and teacher performance tools. Michelle also provides technical support to West Laurens Middle School. She was formerly responsible for instructional technology with the School Improvement Grant at East Laurens High School.

Keith Williams - Technology & Communications Specialist

Keith Williams is our Technology and Communications Specialist for Laurens County Schools. He is responsible for telecommunications, including the voice-over-IP telephone system and intercom systems. Keith also provides technical support to East Laurens Middle School and East Laurens High School. He has many years experience in information technology support.

Casey Sirmons - Assistive Technology Specialist

Casey Sirmons is the Assistive Technology Specialist for Laurens County Schools. He is responsible for the technology needs of the special education department for all schools in the county. Casey is a former special education teacher, technology teacher, and coach.

Diane Ikner - Mobile Device Specialist

Diane Ikner is a Mobile Device Specialist. Since Laurens County Schools has implemented an initiative to place thousands of devices in classrooms, Diane has specialized in setting up, maintaining, and repairing the mobile devices. She has twenty years experience as a technology specialist with Laurens County Schools.

Paul Hodges - Technology Specialist

Paul Hodges is a Technology Specialist with Laurens County Schools. He provides technical support for East Laurens Primary School and East Laurens Elementary School. Paul was previously a teacher, coach, and technology director.

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